MZpack 2.3.0 RC1 released

What’s new

  • Auto scaling of markers for all volume based chart indicators
  • Auto filtering in mzMarketDepth
  • NinjaScript/C# interfaces to mzBigtrade, mzAggressiveTrade, mzSmartMarket, mzMarketDepth, mzBracket indicators
  • Sample indicators MZpackRangedDynamicPOC and MZpackOrderBookBrick based on MZpack core
  • Full support of slave indicators in mzBracket indicator including on-the-fly adjusting and displaying on chart
  • New resize method for mzBracket
  • Total volume indication added to mzBracket
  • Fixed range type in mzBracket renamed to Static
  • Total volume filter, three display modes and font settings added to mzMarketLimit
  • Bid/Ask terms mainly changed to Sell/Buy
  • Updated workspaces including E-mini S&P500, CL, 6E

Fixed bugs:

  • wrong line width scaling in mzBigtrade
  • sometimes wrong aggression number in popup info for mzAggressiveTrade

Watch video with mzBracket indicator

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