New Bracket features now are under developing

As you might know bracket is a small range of chart data. Here you can read more about mzBracket indicator for NinjaTrader 7.

Bracket NinjaTrader Indicator

Future developing of Bracket indicator related with interactive ranges settings. So this features will be added to the indicator

  • Adding unlimited brackets on chart
  • Brackets resizing. User can move bracket start (change bar range). Price range adjusted automatically by data provided by selected slave indicator. So user can be sure that all data are inside bracket.
  • 3 types of bracket bar range: Restricted, FixedStart and Fixed. Fixed is a new type. Read more about Restricted and FixedStart in User Guide.
  • Individual settings for selected bracket and common setting for all brackets on the chart for better customizing
  • Absorptions
  • Absolute delta for Delta gauge
  • Volumes bid/ask/total per profile

mzBracker Volume Profile developing